Pizza by Bike

This is neither the pizza, nor the bike involved in the robbery.

One point I try to stress to people I speak with is that bikes are just another form of transportation.  If I want to get groceries I should be able to choose to walk, drive, or bike and be able to get there safely no matter my choice.  And one tactic I use is to try and explain that people from all walks of life – rich, poor, tall, short, whatever – are all represented somewhere in the tapestry of cyclists.

When I read an article about a man who robbed a pizza store and then fled on a bike I wasn’t sure if it helped make my point, or if it just painted a poor image of cyclists.  But then I realized the point of the article isn’t the bike, it’s that a store got robbed and police need help finding this jerk.  If he had been walking or driving it wouldn’t reflect poorly on pedestrians or motorists, so why should I hold back sharing this odd little story?

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