Virtuous Tweed Ride

This past Saturday was the first of two Tweed Rides in Portland for 2011. This first ride was the “virtue” ride, and the “vice” ride is scheduled for the 2nd of April.

The weather turned out better than anyone had expected. Despite the forecast calling for downpours, it turned out to be partly sunny with very mild temperatures. It would have been hard to design better weather for a bike ride in March.

Riding without labor, strain, or hurry.

A good number of folks of all ages turned out for the ride, and as the ride organizers promised, we enjoyed a beautiful ride “without labor, strain, or hurry”. If you want to see more pictures of the wonderful time everyone had, you can see additional photos on Flickr.

Bikes of all sizes showed up for the Virtue Tweed Ride.

4 thoughts on “Virtuous Tweed Ride

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