‘Clips of Faith’ Coming to Portland This Friday

Please remember to ride responsibly.

What’s that you say? The weather this weekend is going to be beautiful but you’re not sure what to do with your Friday night?

Don’t fret; we’ve got you covered.

This Friday, August 5th, New Belgium Brewing is bringing their Clips of Faith film festival to Portland’s waterfront. The festivities start at 7:30pm and the festival will feature “handmade films and handmade beers.” There will even be a feature film about the Central Portland Joyride from this year’s Pedalpalooza.

If that’s not enough awesomeness for one evening already, the event is also a fundraiser for Portland’s own Bicycle Transportation Alliance.

As an exclusive bonus, and a sort of ‘Where’s Waldo’-style game, the first four people to find me at the film festival who mention this article will get a free, limited edition Awesome* Pub Crawl 2011 t-shirt.

The shirts were given to guests who attended an event supporting Wrench Raiders’ Tricycle Campaign and feature artwork from local artist Emily MacGregor.

These are the last of the 2011 shirts and you won’t ever be able to get one again. We’re limited to the sizes we have on hand, so make sure you find me early in the evening. I’ll be easy to find; just look for the Walz Cap.

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