Bikes are a Prudent Decision during the Zombie Apocalypse

I wish I had a bike...Months ago I bought a shirt depicting zombies chasing after some poor soul without a bike. Exhausted from evading the brain-craving creatures, the stick figure on the shirt clearly wishes that he or she had access to a bicycle. What easier way is there to escape zombies than on a bike?

The stick figure on that shirt isn’t the only one who realized this. Russ and Laura from Path Less Pedaled understand how handy a bicycle could be should zombies ever attack. They’ve released a line of zombie-and-bicycle-themed shirts depicting different types of bicycles escaping from a pack of stumbling undead. There are shirts with a standard diamond frame, a long tail cargo bike, and even a bakfiet being used to rescue children from the zombies. My personal favorite is the shirt that features a how-to guide on turning a Brompton into a zombie-fighting machine.

The Zombie Apocalypse Will Not Be Motorized

I probably won’t be wearing Brompton zombie shirt into the bar where I had to explain that my Brompton couldn’t be used as a weapon, but I will be wearing it many other places. It is as a public service to remind others there is no more prudent decision than to have a bike around, just in case zombies attack.

Remember: the zombie apocalypse will not be motorized!

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