Seven Common Questions about Bromptons

Battle BikeWhenever my wife or I are out riding our Brompton we get questions from strangers. They’ve usually never seen a bike quite like it before and they’re curious how it works.

It’s always a lot of fun talking with people about our Bromptons but I thought I’d review some of the common questions here in case you had the same questions too.

1) What happened to your back wheel?
It folds under and works like a kick stand. No, the bike isn’t broken and no I can’t ride it when the wheel is folded under.

2) How much did it cost?
Folding bikes are just like other bikes; some are cheap, some are expensive.

3) Is that a Dahon/Bike Friday?
Nope, it’s a Brompton.

4) Is it comfortable?
Yes, especially with a Brooks saddle.

Brooks Saddles on Bromptons

5) How does it handle?
Great! The handlebars are closer together than on a road bike so the steering is a little touchy, but you get used to it really quickly.

6) Does it ride like a normal bike?
Yes: pedal, steer, brake, repeat.

7) How heavy is it?
Roughly 20-25lbs.

Do you have any other questions about Bromptons? Let me know what they are and I’ll try to give you an answer.

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7 thoughts on “Seven Common Questions about Bromptons

  1. my partner and I also ride bromptons and we get the craziest questions.
    I bet you have to pedal harder with those small wheels?
    Is that a clown bike?
    Can I give it a ride?
    nope :)

    • Thanks for commenting! I’ve never heard the ‘clown bike’ question before! I’ve had plenty of requests for a test ride but I’ve only let people I know well ride off with it.

    • Ha! That’s fun. I still haven’t heard the words ‘clown bike’, but I did see someone start humming a circus tune as they were test riding a Brompton; they must have been thinking of clowns on bikes.

    • I get that too and I’m only 6′. Do you have the telescoping seat post? I have the ‘extended’ version and it’s just tall enough for me.

      • Yes, I have the telescoping seatpost. And I have a P3L, so my bars are *slightly* higher than the M handlebars. Of course, they are launching the new H model in January. I’ve considered paying to have the H model stem retrofitted to my bike, but I’m not sure it’s necessary. But it’s tempting!

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