Cool Bike Bar Stools

I’ve mentioned that I’ll soon be the proud owner of a custom cargo bike built by Tom LaBonty. Construction on the bike starts soon but I’ve already up something else exciting from him – a pair of bar stools built from bike parts!

My wife and I had some friends over to our house and we realized there weren’t enough seats for everyone. I started thinking and searching on the internet and found a bar stool with a bike seats.

After mentioning the idea to Tom, he quickly found an even cooler design than the one I came across. Not too long after our conversation I was the proud new owner of a pair of custom bike bar stools.

Bike Seat Bar Stools

The stools are each built out of the rear triangle of a bike frame. Tom took the rear fork of the bikes and (I think) spread them apart a bit to widen the base of the stools. Pieces of angled steel increase stability and create a flat surface under the front and rear of the stool.

Feet & GlueTo keep the stools from scratching our floors, I glued hard plastic feet to the bottom. The plastic feet are durable enough that we should be able to use the stools outside in the summer too.

All the furniture feet at the hardware store were meant for use on wood so they all had small nails embedded in them. Since the stools are steel, I just cut off the nails with wire cutters and used a heavy-duty rubber cement to fasten them to the steel.

Two Bike Stools

Tom is an incredibly creative person and he added a bit of flair to the stools in the form of a bicycle gear and a coat of shimmery black paint.


If these stools are any indication, the cargo bike is going to be awesome.

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