Pedalpalooza 2012: Jeff & Jodi’s Epic Bike Move

The Disaster Relief Trials weren’t the only Pedalpalooza event where I saw impressive loads of cargo on bicycles over the weekend. I also helped out at Jeff & Jodi’s Epic Bike Move and got to see, firsthand, the impressive capabilities of cargobikes and trailers.

Jeff & Jodi's Epic Bike MoveIf you haven’t been to a bike move before, here’s the concept in a nutshell: instead of paying for a moving service or a rental truck and fuel costs, you have your friends help you move by bike. You put out a call to friends and the community asking for help. You provide refreshments at the start (traditionally donuts and coffee) and at the end (traditionally pizza and beer). You pack up all your stuff beforehand and label anything that’s staying behind.

Jeff & Jodi's Epic Bike Move

On the day of the move your friends and neighbors show up and graciously help you get all your crap to your new place.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Jeff and Jodi had the distinction of having their bike move featured in the Willamette Week. The paper thought their bike move was going to be for people who “hate fun” but if someone from the Willy Week had shown up they would have discovered how wrong they were.

The bike move fell on a beautiful sunny day and Jeff and Jodi’s new place was a short, down-hill ride from their old apartment.

Jeff & Jodi's Epic Bike Move

I earned my donuts, coffee, pizza, and beer by transporting a few loads on the Cargo Cruiser, including some heavy boxes of books, crates of shoes, and a gorgeous, fuzzy green chair.

Jeff & Jodi's Epic Bike Move

A big crowd turned out (including the women of BikeBot) and after a few round trips we had all of Jeff and Jodi’s stuff at its final destination.

Jeff & Jodi's Epic Bike Move

Far from fun-hating, the post-move festivities included the traditional bike move trappings of pizza, beer, and general merriment.

Jeff & Jodi's Epic Bike MoveJeff & Jodi's Epic Bike Move

You can check out all of the photos from the bike move in the gallery below, and we put a few up on our Facebook page as well.

Stay tuned for more Pedalpalooza coverage in the coming days!

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