2012 Cycle Oregon Weekend Ride in time-lapse

In case you missed it, yesterday I got to speak on OPB’s Think Out Loud about bicycling in non-urban areas.

Mostly I spoke about my experience bicycling around Washington County but they also discussed what it was like to ride in totally rural areas.

Immediately I thought back to last weekend when I rode the Cycle Oregon weekend ride with my dad (Chuck), and our friend David.

Start Line

From left to right: David Shoop, Chuck Vanlue, Will Vanlue.

We had two relatively beautiful days of weather (one a little cooler than the other) on country roads in and around Oregon State University and Corvallis, Oregon. On each of the two days of the ride we traveled in a loop of about 36 miles, heading west out of Corvallis in the morning on Saturday and to the east on Sunday.

Day one was the warmer of the two days and we were treated to plenty of sunshine. My Uncle John rode up from his house in Eugene and met us early on in the route. (You can spot his Bike Friday and neon helmet cover in the video.)

Day two we had cloud-cover most of the day and just a touch of rain after lunch. When I was putting together the time-lapse video of day two I noticed there’s a brief cameo by Russ and Laura from The Path Less Pedaled!

Can you spot them in the video below?

I’ll have a few more notes about our experiences on Cycle Oregon soon. Stay tuned!

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