This guy is unbelievably clumsy, but that’s not a crime

Earlier today I asked if this LEGO set depicted a hit-and-run crash.

I thought my mind was made up, but it turns out there’s evidence that proves my assumption was wrong.

LEGO Bicycle & AmbulanceAfter publishing yesterday’s story I received a comment from my father implying I have too much time on my hands. Shortly afterwards I received two responses on Twitter from @SchwankyTown:

It turns out someone has already looked at LEGO set 4431 and there’s a video showing what LEGO intended with the artwork on the depiction the Ambulance set:

The LEGO dude going camping seems to be having more fun on his bike.

But I think I owe him an apology because it was his car I used to recreate my criminal interpretation of the set with the green bicycle.

LEGO Bicycle & Ambulance

So, sorry dude and sorry LEGO. To make up for it I’ll end on a fun note:

Faster, Chewy!

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