New “Unauthorized” Brompton Touring Guide

The day after I returned from camping with Cycle Wild, Russ and Laura have announced the release of their “Unauthorized” Brompton Touring Guide, packed with great information on how to fit all you need on a small but sturdy Brompton.

As Laura says, “…the Brompton is an amazing little machine that can take you places that it was probably never intended to see.

Brompton in the WoodsWhy is it “unauthorized”? Here’s more from Laura:

“…we are always extremely vigilant of the amount of weight that we carry and how we attach it. While we fully trust that the Brompton can handle a responsible touring load, we recognize that we have pushed our Bromptons beyond their stated purpose, so we have always traveled this way at our own risk… which is why our how-to book is ‘Unauthorized.'”

The Unauthorized Brompton Touring Guide is available for $20 as a PDF which should be readable on computers, tablets, and some e-readers.

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  1. Frank Peters says:

    I bought my Sage green Brompton in the same configuration as described here. It’s a great travel bike. A week ago I flew to Portland with it; Alaska Airlines only charged me $20 to check it (In the bag they can’t tell what it is. I told her it was a necktie.) One compensating feature: mine doesn’t need a lock because it’s going in with me everywhere I go.

      • Dave says:

        I took my Brommie M3L, helmet and C bag by air from London to Auckland New Zealand and described it to the airline as sporting goods and it traveled unweighed and free. I toured all over the North Island, the whole summer, camping, swimming in lakes, waterfalls, rivers etc. and I have danced in the moonlight with Maori’s,

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