Product Review: MKS Lambda Grip King Pedals

Normally I wait a few months before reviewing a product but a new set of pedals on my Brompton are so great I couldn’t wait to talk about them.

New Pedals on the BromptonI had a pair of MKS Lambda Grip King pedals installed by Clever Cycles before I went camping with Cycle Wild.

Both pedals came with the “EZY” quick release system which allows me to remove the left-side pedal when the Brompton is folded, keeping it to its original, compact dimensions.

New Pedals on the Brompton

The EZY quick release system is simple to use. A twist and a pull of the quick release and you pop the pedal right off. The same motion locks the quick release as you’re reattaching the pedal.

New Pedals on the BromptonNew Pedals on the Brompton

A closer look at the detached pedal.

I love the MKS Lambda Grip King pedals because they feel so stable. A large pedal with a strong hold on your foot means you can pedal with confidence, even wearing shoes with a smooth sole.

On the way to my recent camping trip I wore an old and well-loved pair of tennis shoes and my food didn’t slip once.

These new pedals are particularly great for people like me with larger feet. I wear a men’s US size 13 shoe and, although the stock Brompton pedals are more than acceptable, the MKS Lambda Grip Kings are wide enough that they support my whole foot. This can be particularly important when I’m wearing a soft-soled shoe or sandal that would normally flex and bend over a smaller pedal.

I’ve only ridden about 100 miles on these pedals so far but I’m already in love. The only trouble with these new pedals, that I can see, is now all my other bikes’ pedals seem inferior and I want a pair of MKS Lambda Grip King pedals on all of my bikes, not just my Brompton.

Ready for the Trip

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  1. G.Tyler says:

    Those pedals are great, I have a pair on each bike I own. The first felt like it needed some more grease in the bearings so I pulled off the dust caps and stuck in some more. I have now gone through 3 sets of dust caps as they keep falling off. Don’t take off the original dust caps.
    My co-worker has a pair and a bearing has gone out on them. I sure wish they had the other MSK screw on dust caps to make them more serviceable.
    They have removed all the foot pain issues I had with the original pedals so I would buy them again even with the problems.

  2. Marcusn says:

    When I ordered my Long Haul Trucker last year from my local bike shop, I spec’d these peddles. When I went in to pick up my bike, the mechanic and owner where in awe of them! They couldn’t believe how light they were considering how much support they offer. I simply love mine too. The only time I have to be careful is when my sole is wet (sometimes slippery), but they dry out quickly. I typically only wear Teva sandals (at least the warm months), and these peddles support me beautifully.

    I’m planning to get a Brommie in a year or two (not sure I can wait!), so I’m soooo glad to hear the MKS Lambda King Grips can be made to work! Thanks! (They must look so cool on the Brompton).

    • Will says:

      They definitely work on the Brommie! At first I was worried the pedals would be difficult to remove but after a few times it becomes as easy as folding the stock Brompton pedal.

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