Camping with a Brompton is a Prudent Decision

Remember when the Brompton went camping? Over Labor Day weekend it went out to the woods with me for the second time and although I didn’t ride it to the campsite this time it still came in handy.

Blue-green FlameSince it was a holiday weekend most of the campsites were already reserved but we found plenty of space in the overflow area. The only trouble was that the overflow area is a little ways away from running water and the camp managers office where they sold firewood.

Thankfully I thought to pack my Brompton which made running errands around the campground much easier.

Collecting Firewood with a Brompton

Just another reason why camping with a bicycle is a Prudent Decision.

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  1. John says:

    I ordered a Brompton last weekend from my local Brompton dealer as borrowing one from work has me hooked. I love them and I love your pic. Hope you enjoyed your camp. I really enjoy reading blogs on the fun people have with these bikes. Keep posting.

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