• Your Garden Variety Bicycles

  • Heavier than Air

    When I came back to the Batavus after work yesterday I found red and orange balloons attached to its handlebars. There was no note attached and I suspect it was a random incident; perhaps a passer-by had the balloons from some event and thought it’d be funny to put the balloons on my bike. The …

  • Back in the Saddle Again

    Regular readers may have noticed we’ve been posting a little less frequently as of late. It’s partly because of the time I spent on Cycle Oregon, but there’s been a few other things going on as well.

  • Fixing a Flat without Removing the Tire

    When I first started changing tires I was taught to take the wheel off the bike, take the tire and tube off the wheel, and replace the punctured tube with a new one. Over the years I’ve realized that routine is for suckers. There’s no need to replace a tube so long as you have …