• Camping with a Brompton is a Prudent Decision

    Remember when the Brompton went camping? Over Labor Day weekend it went out to the woods with me for the second time and although I didn’t ride it to the campsite this time it still came in handy.

  • Cats love Bromptons

    One thing that always amazes me is how excited cats get around my Brompton.

  • Folding Bikes and a Floating Roundabout

    Two bits of exciting news have come across my desk this morning that I thought you’d want to know about. First, at the recent Brompton World Championships, time trial specialist Michael Hutchinson smashed his 2011 time and set a new course record. Second, there’s a new roundabout for bicycles in the Netherlands and it’s going …

  • What it’s like to volunteer for the Providence Bridge Pedal

    If you saw the cool picture of my Brompton on the Marquam Bridge you know that I had a chance to volunteer for the recent Providence Bridge Pedal. If you’re curious about how I spent the day of the event, and what it’s like to climb up an I-5 onramp on a bicycle before dawn, …