• 1…2…3…4…

    The Cargo Cruiser has been sidelined by a bent metal thingy and a clickity-clickity noise, so I’ve had to make some errands with a trailer. It turns out it’s pretty easy. Recently I pulled off four missions with the trailer in one day. Three are pictured below, while one is not because the details of …

  • Your Garden Variety Bicycles

  • Spring Time!

    The first day of spring is this week, and it couldn’t have come too soon. It’s finally warm enough to start working in the yard. Over the weekend I picked up some hazelnut shells to spread in our flower beds. What have you been hauling on your bike now that the weather is improving?

  • An American Tradition

    A couple days ago I completed what has become an annual tradition of sorts: I picked up a keg on my bike.