• Cowboy and a real bike seat

    Since I told you a mildly depressing story yesterday, I thought I should share something fun and irreverent today to make up for it. This video shows just how versitle bicycles are. They’re even good for herding cattle.

  • Folding bikes and poor driving decisions

    Before anyone starts to worry, this story is not about me or anyone I know being injured by someone driving a car. This story is about two experiences we had on the train to and from Chicago.

  • Rails to Parks in Chicago

    The last installment of stories from Chicago is one I touched on very briefly while we were still in town. On our first full day in town we met Steve Vance from Grid Chicago for a ride around town.

  • Bikes! The Green Revolution

    Another stop on our tour around Chicago was the exhibit Bikes! The Green Revolution at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.