• Dude, where’s my bike rack?

    Bike parking outsidethe Tualatin Library. Bike parking is a little tight in Portland. There’s a wait-list for bike corrals and anyone who rides has probably locked their bike to a sign post, at least once, when all the bike parking in sight was full. As I’ve been traveling I’ve realized, however, that Portland has it …

  • Unseen in the City

    My trip to Chicago is still nearly four months away but my mind is already racing with things I want to do during while I’m in town. It’s tough to get to know a city in just a few days but it’s always worth a shot. When I visited Amsterdam and Copenhagen I only had …

  • Featured Photo: Candy-Colored Fixie

    In Copenhagen, a land of modest grey and black bicycles, this neon fixie stood out boldly from the crowd. The paint scheme reminded me of a pack of Life Savers candies. It also reminded me of another brightly-colored fixie I found in downtown Portland.

  • Featured Photo: Carlsberg Beer Trike

    Beer and bikes go together like peanut butter and jelly, assuming you ride responsibly). A beer-vending tricycle in the Carlsberg Brewery’s museum is proof that the combination is no recent phenomenon. If the tires hadn’t been flat I might have tried to ride the trike straight out of the museum and back to my hotel.