• Cycle Oregon caught by satellites

    A fellow Cycle Oregon volunteer brought my attention to something interesting that popped up recently on Google Maps.

  • Photos from Cycle Oregon’s 25th Anniversary

    I’ve been back from Cycle Oregon for a little while now so I thought I’d share the photos I took along the ride.

  • Bly’s Bikes celebrate Cycle Oregon

    If you haven’t seen it already, I shared a few photos of bikes in Bly, the town where Cycle Oregon kicked off this year, over at BikePortland.org. Check out Bly’s Bikes on BikePortland to see all the photos.

  • Hello from Cycle Oregon!

    Cycle Oregon has officially kicked off and I’m already having a great time. One the even of the ride’s 25th Anniversary the mood is electric and as I type this I can hear people celebrating at the main stage. The ride starts tomorrow and I’ll do my best to share photos and stories from along …