• Tricycling Around Eugene

    I went through some memory cards and found pictures from a trip to Eugene that I haven’t shared. I traveled there in January on Amtrak.

  • Bicycles in the Eugene Celebration Parade

    I was down in Eugene over the weekend and got to check out the Eugene Celebration Parade. There were, of course, lots of pedal-powered contraptions in the parade so I thought I’d share a few here. Here’s Peter Wagner who also made an appearance at Sunday Parkways the next day.

  • Three trains, two bikes, one candy bar, and one reunion

    Over the weekend my wife and I took a trip from Tigard to Eugene for her high school class reunion. There were many things that made the trip a lot of fun. We caught up with old friends, the weather was great, there was lots of delicious food, etc. The other thing that made the …

  • Green Lane Markings: helping people in cars and on bikes

    When I was in Eugene recently I had another chance to ride along the Alder Street cycle track. If you haven’t seen it for yourself it’s a two-way cycle track that skirts along the edge of the University of Oregon Campus. The cycle track features green bike boxes and ground markings at intersections. I’ve always …