• Dude, where’s my bike rack?

    Bike parking outsidethe Tualatin Library. Bike parking is a little tight in Portland. There’s a wait-list for bike corrals and anyone who rides has probably locked their bike to a sign post, at least once, when all the bike parking in sight was full. As I’ve been traveling I’ve realized, however, that Portland has it …

  • Seven things bigger than a Brompton

    I’ve taken a some bike portraits around Vancouver, mostly with things much bigger than my Brompton. Here’s seven of them. This bridge is bigger than my Brompton.

  • Using Simple Visual and Tactile Cues to Manage Traffic

    One of the things I love about traveling around Vancouver, on the Hornby Street cycle track and elsewhere, is how engineers have made traffic control devices easy to understand by utilizing basic iconography and textures on the road’s surface. Ground markings tell you when you should dismount and walk your bike.

  • Lessons from Vancouver’s Hornby Street Cycle Track

    As I mentioned yesterday I’m in Vancouver, BC and right outside my window is the Hornby Street Cycle Track.